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About us

Edroppit is an aggregator of emerging streetwear brands, strictly Italian.

The team has two large pillars in the head: enhance the exclusivity of the Italian small-medium business is change the logic of the online purchasing process, currently still behind in our country, especially as regards the clothing sector.

The idea was born during the first lockdown due to Covid-19. We heard more and more about selling on the Internet, some friends had launched a brand, a dream that we have always had too. Then the lighting: one platform capable of connecting all the emerging streetwear brands in Italy. A product that went beyond the self-referentiality of one of our brands, involving one much larger community. All this with the primary objective of enhance the Made in Italy, in Italy and abroad.

We realized that we can support many small-medium Italian clothing companies, often managed by young enterprising designers, illuminated by brilliant ideas and great artistic passion.

Our journey started like this: we improved ours computer software skills to be able to create images and video clips that are always original and quality

It is in this phase that we have definitely taken full awareness and trust in the Edroppit project, starting one long search for Made in Italy streetwear brands. Process to which we still devote a certain accuracy and attention to the origin of all those brands that we consider unreliable, unmotivated and lacking in conceptual concreteness.

The Made in Italy it is a value underrated, especially in our own country. There quality of materials and workmanship of small Italian textile companies must be the basis of the products we sell. This allows us to use a strong leverage on fellow streetwear fans, something to truly identify with and feel an active part of. A kind of bond of brotherhood able to make the economy social and circular.

Even the first name was the center of long reflections: in the end, the Edroppit pun, in full, won "e-Drop it", Which translated becomes"drop the Made in Italy", for friends "Drop it“.

We aim for a kind of "friendly" assistance, proximity, offering users the maximum support during the purchase phase. Not surprisingly, for example, shipping and returns are always free. So: you can buy online as in a physical store! Just ensure that you can change the product just like you would in a dressing room.

Our Mission is precisely that of develop this marketplace in Italy, giving value and making all "grow by osmosis" brands present on the platform. Our long-term goal instead is to make Italian streetwear style known abroad.

We also evaluated the option of inserting more established streetwear brands, but the idea would lose value because it is about products available everywhere and on a large scale, made in a standardized way in large industries, often abroad. We, from this point of view, are diametrically opposite, we aim for emerging realities because they work with limited edition products, exclusive, therefore made with aextreme attention to detail, typical of traditional small and medium Italian textile companies.

The company guarantees the maximum customer assistance thanks to our Customer Service active from 9:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday.

Why Edroppit?

✔️ Fast Shipping in Europe

✔️ Sales clothes respect to Brands

✔️ Limited and exclusive clothes

✔️ Secure return within 15 days

✔️ Only Made in Italy products

✔️ +20 Brand collaborate with us

Fast Shipping

Delivery generally takes place within 3/4 working days. In most cases it is insured within one working week of receiving the order.

Shipping is free throughout Italy. The shipping cost within the European Union is 10€. The shipping cost outside the European Union is 30€.

Return Policies

Our return policy is valid for 14 working days from the receipt of the product.

In order to access the return procedure, your item must be unused and undamaged, with the original packaging not damaged.

Work with us!

The Community of Ambassadors is made up of many guys from all over Italy and all over Europe. For all those who believe in our project, love streetwear and support Made in Italy just like us.

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